Word from the Principal - Eastgate Primary School

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Word from the Principal

This is the 92nd  year in the history of Eastgate Primary School formerly known as Kensington South.
My ideals in terms of my work ethic and vision for Eastgate Primary as principal is to provide a quality education that is aligned to the expectations of our society by advocating for learners to develop wholistically in a safe and conducive learning environment that also promotes skills that are necessary to acquire for the present emerging information paradigm. The secret of getting ahead is to get started by working together collaboratively towards achieving a goal. An individual may play a game, but only a team can win the championship.  Success will follow those who dare to attempt. We are inspired by the words of Dali Lama that “Determination, courage, self – confidence lead to success, but we should always remain humble, modest and unpretentious”.

  Mrs Seegobin

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