Social Responsibility - Eastgate Primary School

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Social Responsibility

It also supports children through the feeding scheme programme provided by the Department (SNP)

The school caters for children from families who are financially disadvantaged by providing uniforms so that they do not feel out of place if compared with other learners. The school offers condolences and donations to families who have gone through the pain of death in the family.


Unfortunately the GOL computer room has been broken into twice and this room is currently not been used. The school has in the interim installed its own computer lab with 20 computers that are fully functional a
reading programme with an attention builder has been installed on each computer. The school aims to address the reading levels of all the learners and the reading programme will assist in strengthening
children’s ability to use language with confidence. Children will be computer literate by the time they leave Eastgate Primary School as computer studies is offered in all grades.

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