Mission - Eastgate Primary School

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We are committed to:

  • Developing in our learner's skills, attitudes and values conducive to their personal, academic and social

  • development, which will enable them to take their place as effectual citizens of this country.

  • Developing in our learners the ability to be self-disciplined, to think critically and to act resourcefully.

  • Fostering in our learner¡¦s respect for other people, their rights, their languages, their heritages and their traditions.

  • Providing, within our means, the best possible facilities, equipment and educational resources

  • Creating a secure, healthy and non-threatening school environment.

  • Fostering close cooperation and involvement of the parents in all aspects of the school's life.

  • Exploring links with the community and using them for mutual benefit.

  • Establishing a supportive and stimulating environment for the staff that fosters their personal and professional development.

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